Collaboration and Partnership

By taking an integrative and functional approach with my clients, I look at the whole person. The mind and body are deeply connected. I am proud to be part of the Integrative Therapy Nashville Collective team that houses practitioners specializing in mental health issues, nutrition therapy, body movement, and other holistic integrative practices. This allows the client to access comprehensive and holistic care under one roof.

Disclaimer: While Nashville Autoimmune Nutrition is part of the Integrative Therapy of Nashville Collective, you are receiving services from Nashville Autoimmune Nutrition. Any service received from other practitioners within the Collective is solely your choice and will be contracted between you and each practitioner. Should you wish to have practitioners consult on your case, you may sign a release of information giving them permission to do so. All rights to confidentiality apply. Integrative Therapy of Nashville provides space and support services to mental health and wellness providers. I am an independently licensed practitioner and I operate as my own private practice. Nashville Autoimmune Nutrition is solely responsible for the services they provide and the manner in which they are performed. Nashville Autoimmune Nutrition is not an agent or employee of Integrative Therapy of Nashville. Should you have any question or concerns, you should be directed to Nashville Autoimmune Nutrition.