Is managing your chronic illness exhausting?


I can help.

Proper nutrition and lifestyle changes can improve quality of life, energy, and peace of mind.

Your symptoms do not have to rule your life.

When inflammation in the body is high, symptoms can be overwhelming. Having proper nutrition can help calm the immune system, drive down inflammation, and relieve symptoms. 

 My Approach

Personalized. Comprehensive. Sustainable.

I take a functional and integrative approach with clients by looking for the root cause of symptoms, and addressing all aspects of the client's lifestyle. My solutions are

personalized, comprehensive, and


"Lindsay has taken the time to hear my (complex) medical story, and has helped me to form an achievable, concrete plan for my specific health goals. She is extremely knowledgeable, and has been very supportive in empowering me on my path to wellness.  I highly recommend working with her—she is the perfect balance of caring and professional, and has exceeded all my expectations!" 


-Multiple Autoimmune Disorders, age 42