What I Do


As a registered dietitian nutritionist and integrative and functional practitioner, my primary focus is working with people struggling with autoimmune diseases and gut issues

Living with Autoimmune


My passion for helping others with such illnesses began with my own journey of struggling and living with multiple autoimmune diseases. I personally understand the frustration of experiencing numerous symptoms, visiting multiple doctors, and receiving various medical responses. 


From sorting through recommendations of food choices, supplements, to even being told there is no solution, or “It’s all in your head,”—it can all be quite overwhelming. The pivotal moment in my healing was when I realized, and experienced, how nutrition and lifestyle plays a deep role in my physical health and well-being. 

Why Nashville Autoimmune Nutrition? 


After five years of clinical practice, I have recognized a great community need for nutrition education and support as it relates to whole body wellness, and more specifically, as it relates to autoimmune illnesses. It is with this focus that I opened Nashville Autoimmune Nutrition. I believe the body and mind are deeply connected and I use a holistic approach in my nutrition counseling. 


How It Works


Beginning with a comprehensive assessment tool, we explore your symptoms and then begin to develop a nutritional plan that is sustainable for your lifestyle to optimize symptom relief. 


It is my goal for my clients to thrive with autoimmune illnesses and enjoy a greater quality of life.  

I also believe healing and wellness is achieved by finding enjoyment in life as much as you can. I find peace and enjoyment in being outdoors and hiking with my husband and son. I also enjoy comedy and deepening connections with my friends and family.

Education and Certifications

  • Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist -Tennessee

  • Integrative and Functional Nutrition Practitioner  

  • Certified AIP Health Coach 

  • Masters of Science in Exercise and Nutrition Science/ Lipscomb University 

  • Dietetic Certification & Training / Lipscomb University 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Telecommunications / Indiana University 

Lindsay Peter-Contesse MS, RDN, LD, IFNCP

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